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Falling out of bed into the sunrise!

I  woke up (very) early to an amazing view, a “burning” sky…while the sun was rising behind the white mountains it was illuminating the cloudy trails left by multiple airplanes with its pink-orange lights!

The effect, the result was magnificent but I wasn’t really ready nor did I have my eyes wide awake…I even opened big the whole window under a freezing temp, realized how cold I was minutes later (but decided not to have a cold!!!).

Tomorrow is another day with another blue sky in perspective…our last day here so maybe (if I get “the call”) I’ll drop out of bed again!

So the pics reflect a lot lack of technical efficiencies. But what the heck, (I thought), the most important was to get a glimpse, to be able to share and to let  go your imaginations!

Then I got hungry for a huge breakfast…

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