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Station, stand by, strangers not so strange…

I cannot say that “I like” train station, nor waiting, they are usually cold, most of the time some disturbances, nuisances & works are unavoidable…you end up by bumping into them! I like them for being a link that takes me back and forth to my kids and I always end up being a spectator.

Trying to get a seat? in your dreams maybe…I don’t even try, I chose a suitcase that is comfortable and solid instead. So you better have a luggage that can be used as a seat, now you might even need them at some airports.

You cannot, at least I can’t help feeling that secure but strangely insecure feeling of security…I know my sentence is weird, that is kind of my way of describing that feeling! There are some dirty looks if you dare letting go your suitcase’s hand, I am sure that I’m doing the same.The army is present too, am I reassured? good question…I hope.

But what I do like is the people with a big, huge P. All those strangers, those anonymous actors who are part, whether they like it or not, of that huge theater.The traveling ones, the ones coming back, the busy bodies, the business men (or women), the hungry ones, the ones looking up continuously to the information board (like me!)…No time to get bored – watching them is making up your own scenario, your own film…enjoy.

I thank each and everyone of them!

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